Raw Milk Yogurt - Instant Pot

Here's the quickest, easiest way I have found to make raw milk yogurt:

Makes 1 quart:

In a clean quart jar, add 1/4 c. yogurt (this is your starter).  Fill the jar with your raw milk, cap, and shake until the yogurt is incorporated.  

Set the jar in your Instant Pot and fill the pot with warm tap water up to the shoulders of the jar.  Push the Yogurt button twice (or customize your Yogurt setting) for a 24 hour culture.  

When the cycle ends, remove and wipe down the jar and refrigerate until cold.  

Use for smoothies, parfaits, or to make popsicles! Enjoy!

Homemade, raw-milk yogurt is delicious, but may not be as thick as store-bought; no added thickeners here!  You may choose to strain it through a clean tea towel. You'll also notice the lovely yellow cream on top of your yogurt. Raw milk bonus!